Gallium Europe Philosophy

Co-entrepreneur for technology commercialization.

Gallium is the co-entrepreneur and strategic business partner for scientists who believe in the potential of their inventions.

While the scientist CAN focus on their research, Gallium identifies IF there is real commercial potential and HOW that potential can best be achieved.

Gallium brings technologies from the research environment to a ready for implementation technology and Gallium commercializes the technology in lead markets.

Gallium identifies the optimal strategy for success and EXECUTES together with the research organization on the opportunity.

Emerging technology commercialization

Gallium works with scientist in “emerging technologies”, science-based innovations with the potential to create a new industry or transform an existing industry at an astonishing speed.

With these technologies the risks and uncertainties are greatest and traditional business strategies are most likely to fail. Gallium avoids over hyping the opportunity and focuses on achieving realizable targets. Gallium identifies IF and HOW a technology can be used to solve identifiable and quantifiable pain for existing and targetable customers.

Emerging technologies are often complex combinations of different technologies, from different scientific areas and can orginate in different industries. For example genomics is evolving around medicine, biology, chemistry, micro electronics and computer science. New terms like bioinformatics are invented to identify combinations of expertise.

For these emerging technologies it is initially unclear is what products and services will be most successful, what companies will enter the market and for what existing companies the technology is most valuable. These questions are answered during the development of the technologies.

Emerging industries are further challenged by a lack of existing companies in that field and established market leaders in related industries often overlook the potential.

Gallium joins forces with the scientists to create new technology firms (spin offs, joint ventures) or position the technology such that market leaders in related industries are convinced of the potential.

Scientists can tap into Gallium while Gallium can interact with the scientist to define the real potential and create a successful technical and commercial development path.

Evolution of the opportunity: the internet

Applications for the internet were initially difficult to predict until entrepreneurs created mass market applications (e.g. auto sales, hotel reservation, e tickets, marktplaats, e-brokerage, online shopping, news alerts, etc…). This was only possible after a few entrepreneurs identified the weakness of the initial technology and created browsers enabling the internet to be used to its potential.


A synergetic partnership

While the scientific knowledge is growing in an emerging industry so is the information about commercial opportunity. Gallium and research organization form a synergetic partnership.

When a scientific project is initiated an idea is defined on what might be done with the technology. The full potential and impact is NOT known. Applications for emerging technologies are often difficult to predict and will evolve with the industry. The playing field has yet to be defined and the boundaries to under industries are blurred and e constant changing.

In such a dynamic environment a partnership where the researcher has excess to the business skills of Gallium while Gallium can define the real opportunity is truly synergetic and greatly improves the chance for successful commercialization.

Expertise and Action Ready

  • We have all strategic expertises in house (strategy, finance, sales, marketing, operations, IT). We are capable of making the right assessment of potential partnerships for our clients. Successful managing of partnerships is one of our expertises.
  • Gallium does not work with “juniors” . All our resources have extensive experience and have at least an MBA or CPA degree from leading institutions.
  • We are not experts in a specific industry we are experts at identifying an opportunity in new markets. We have specific areas of expertise in bioscience, software, internet and the mobile telecom industry.
  • We are not only advisors, we take on operational roles.
  • In both Europe and the United States we have high quality resources. The European management has worked and lived in both continents.
  • we can tap from an extensive network of top quality resources.
  • It is not just words we are doing it in the a mobile phone industry, the Virtual reality industry, the microscopy industry, and the fashion industry


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