Enterprise Acceleration

Gallium's Enterprise Acceleration Model drives the business along its Goals Achievement Curve that is defined by time and strategic actions.

We accomplishes this by accelerating the time between

  1. Recognition of critical decision points and actions to be taken,
  2. Integration of multiple actions into a strategic operation,
  3. Identification of actions and achieving cohesive buy-in,
  4. Formulation of strategic actions and the achievement of goals.

By better aligning the goals, resources, strategies, and execution steps, we decrease time and accelerate movement to the next level while creating organizational momentum.

Gallium helps its clients by:

  • Understanding the organizational and personal implications strategic change can have on companies,
  • Identifying clearly the opportunities, the goals, and the challenges, both internal and external,
  • Crafting results-oriented strategies and plans and assisting in their execution,
  • Marshalling company and Gallium resources to achieve objectives rapidly,
  • Delivering goal achievement and high levels of client satisfaction,
  • Linking our success to that of our clients.

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