Gallium Europe Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Many small- and mid-cap companies as well as start ups have stages in which they, while busy, are not making significant progress. Technology institutions can have great technologies but lack the expertise to turn them into commercial success.

In these days of fierce competition, stalling in the pursuit of success can be very costly – just like a football team that consistently fails to score.

Our clients live in a challenging environment, and have unrealized opportunities.

Gallium Europe works as co-entrepreneur

Gallium Europe positions itself towards clients as co-entrepreneur and as such we feel responsible for the achieved result. We operate with the executive leadership of our clients to achieve ambitious, next-level goals fast.

Create Momentum to Achieve Strategic Goals

Gallium Advisors specializes in helping such firms to step up to the next level where the competition is tougher and the rewards are greater.

To do this, we have developed with our partners in the US the Enterprise Acceleration Model. This model forces the alignment of the financial, human, and strategic resources of clients, with their opportunities and goals.

Expertise and Action Ready

  • We have all strategic expertises in house (strategy, finance, sales, marketing, operations, IT). We are capable of making the right assessment of potential partnerships for our clients. Successful managing of partnerships is one of our expertises.
  • Gallium does not work with “junior” consultants. All consultants have extensive experience and have at least an MBA or CPA degree from leading institutions.
  • We are not only advisors, when needed we take on operational roles.
  • In both Europe and the United States we have high quality resources. The European management has worked and lived in both continents.


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